Looking To Sponsor A Flash

2010-08-26 13:54:21 by Fallin-Again

I just finished scripting my site finally, and now I am looking to sponsor a game or animation. (NOT BUY ONE). So I am offering up $200 bucks to follow the conditions below:

- Put my preloader on the beginning of thier flash
- Say that my site sponsored them in the credits
- Submit it to my site and Newgrounds

Anyone thats interested please send previews to chrischaseonline@gmail.com and for those of you who are interested in knowing which site this is for it is Toon Workshop

Chase Davidson

2008-03-26 01:24:36 by Fallin-Again

Hey everyone, my buddy Chase Davidson is trying to get sponsored for bmxing. Take a look at his video and vote 5 stars. Thnx!

Chase-Davidson,2319/Chase-Davidson,325 3

Banned Today

2008-03-03 00:52:49 by Fallin-Again

I got banned from the bbs today AGAIN. I really need to read the rules one of these days. I didnt know that you couldnt link to stuff to get hits lol and i heard that one of them was specificly minicity. One of my site members made one and so i wanted to see if anyone from ng heard of or used it. Anyways if you wanna see it here it is.



2007-12-03 18:16:35 by Fallin-Again

I give props to the developers of newgrounds. Making your site look the same in both browsers is the hardest shit ever, even harder than programing php and ajax. Lately I have been having troubles with a couple parts of the new design of my site and I have overcome them all but one now. And I highly doubt that this is gonna go away without help.

I am trying to get a div to be the same height as another div but neither of them has a set height because of the dynamic content. One of them is the one that stretches the entire layout but the other one wants to stay up close to its content. I have tried numerious methods to get height:100%; to work but no matter what tutorial I find or anything they just wont work.

But I guess im done babbling on about my site. But if any of you think you could help me that would be great.


My New Site

2007-11-28 18:35:00 by Fallin-Again

Me and my team have worked a while on this site. I have learned alot over the time it has taken to complete it, and now Im glad to finally release it for everyone to see. There are a couple bugs here and there but they will be fixed over the next few days. Anyways here it is: