Entry #5

Looking To Sponsor A Flash

2010-08-26 13:54:21 by Fallin-Again

I just finished scripting my site finally, and now I am looking to sponsor a game or animation. (NOT BUY ONE). So I am offering up $200 bucks to follow the conditions below:

- Put my preloader on the beginning of thier flash
- Say that my site sponsored them in the credits
- Submit it to my site and Newgrounds

Anyone thats interested please send previews to chrischaseonline@gmail.com and for those of you who are interested in knowing which site this is for it is Toon Workshop


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2010-08-26 14:01:30

Would you sponsor an animation I've submitted already? I'd edit it with everything.

Fallin-Again responds:

im looking for something new. It doesnt have to be done anytime soon, but looking to sponsor something that will be done within the next month


2010-08-26 14:04:57

Oh, okay. So if you'd pay me I'd have to do some great project for toon workshop? I see how this works.

You should like, contact me.

Fallin-Again responds:

whats ur email?


2010-08-26 14:42:03

Seems like you're trying to pull off something that is generally rather difficult. I wouldn't mind helping you out. I can put a link to your site on my own website and there's no harm in submitting content there as well. In the end it's just extra exposure anyway.

Fallin-Again responds:

IT sounds good and thank you for your support. I will do the same for you.


2010-08-26 14:55:38

That's cool. I already signed up on your site. I'll be putting out a new flash in the coming weeks, an opening sequence. So I would be willing to put in your preloader for sponsoring.

Fallin-Again responds:

if you would like you can submit your old stuff just for the exposure


2010-08-26 15:05:21

I probably will. Though I don't know if you made a size limit clear. At least I didn't see any when I looked.


2010-08-26 21:03:06

I've bombarded your site with my games I think I put 20 on I'm not sure but it's actually a cool site :)


2011-07-01 13:48:57

Why not just making a game maker portal lol, you'd get 1,000 games per day because it's simply missing in the wide internet world.

If you don't get problems with YoYoGames then lal