2007-12-03 18:16:35 by Fallin-Again

I give props to the developers of newgrounds. Making your site look the same in both browsers is the hardest shit ever, even harder than programing php and ajax. Lately I have been having troubles with a couple parts of the new design of my site and I have overcome them all but one now. And I highly doubt that this is gonna go away without help.

I am trying to get a div to be the same height as another div but neither of them has a set height because of the dynamic content. One of them is the one that stretches the entire layout but the other one wants to stay up close to its content. I have tried numerious methods to get height:100%; to work but no matter what tutorial I find or anything they just wont work.

But I guess im done babbling on about my site. But if any of you think you could help me that would be great.



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