Entry #1

My New Site

2007-11-28 18:35:00 by Fallin-Again

Me and my team have worked a while on this site. I have learned alot over the time it has taken to complete it, and now Im glad to finally release it for everyone to see. There are a couple bugs here and there but they will be fixed over the next few days. Anyways here it is:



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2007-11-28 18:35:38

First post. Plus, sweet site man! Love it!

Fallin-Again responds:

thanks, I know it looks really amaturish but hopefully the new design will get rid of that :P


2007-11-28 18:39:12

Kinda Newgrounds Old Skool Themed, Sweet Stuff Though.


2007-11-28 21:52:59

Nice & simple.
Good choice....


2007-11-29 09:51:29

Very nice site, good work. I only have one suggestion. Since you are linking your site from newgrounds, you should put a link on your site to newgrounds!

Fallin-Again responds:

I dont have one out in the open but I do have thier small tag on my affiliates page.


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